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Blue (& Glitterbug) (Blu-ray) BFI


Blue was to be a very special final creative act by Derek Jarman and perhaps one of his most singularly iconic works. Numerous musicians, including Simon Fisher Turner, Coil, Scanner and Brian Eno, provide the highly textured soundscape in which the director and his close friends weave a rich vocal account of his life and loves. Close to his death, Jarman draws the viewer into his vision-impaired world; a vision rendered only in blue.

Also includes Glitterbug, Derek Jarman’s last moving image work. This selection of his more diary-focused films were put together in a collage with Brian Eno providing a new, uniquely effective score.

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Special Features

21st Century Nuns (1994, 10 mins)
Delphinium: A Childhood Portrait of Derek Jarman (2009, 13 mins): Matthew Mishory’s film about Derek Jarman
James Mackay Remembers Blue (2019, 15 mins)
Simon Fisher Turner Remembers Blue (2019, 8 mins): the renowned composer recalls his work on Blue
David Lewis Remembers Blue (2019, 13 mins)
Hard to Imagine (2019, 8 mins): Filmmaker John Maybury recalls Jarman’s journey towards Blue
After the Garden (2019, 10 mins): Richard Heslop remembers Jarman’s later days
Total Magic (2019, 6 mins): Production designer Christopher Hobbs looks back upon Jarman’s fascination with occult imagery and how he used it to create filmic magic and illusion
After Neutron (2019, 8 mins): Lee Drysdale remembers other unmade projects discussed with Jarman but never made
The Best Mentor (2019, 9 mins): John Scarlett-Davis recalls Jarman’s later days, and reflects upon his artistic legacy
Glitterbug and Beyond (2019, 7 mins): James Mackay remembers the production of Glitterbug
David Lewis Remembers Glitterbug (2019, 7 mins)
Bliss (1991, 40 mins, audio): the first of two London concerts to raise awareness of the blossoming idea that was Blue
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