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Glass Shield (Blu-ray+DVD) BFI


The first black recruit in his squad, rookie cop J.J. Johnson (Michael Boatman) struggles to adapt to life on the force when confronted by the inherent prejudices and corruption of his precinct.

Immediately positioned as an outsider, along with fellow novice cop Deborah (Lori Petty), J.J witnesses at first hand the brutality and implicit racism of his Caucasian colleagues. When an unlawful search results in the arrest of Teddy Woods (Ice Cube) on dubious murder charges, J.J. risks his job and his life to reveal the truth.

Directed by Charles Burnett (Killer of Sheep, To Sleep with Anger, My Brother’s Wedding), this thrilling drama shines a light on the deep-rooted racial tensions of the American justice system and the toll of opposing institutionalised bigotry.

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Special Features

Presented in High Definition and Standard Definition
Newly filmed interview with Charles Burnett (2016, 26 mins)
Alternative ending (1994, 2 mins)
Illustrated booklet with full film credits and new writing by Bridget Minamore