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Green Jello Suxx Live (Blu-ray) Vinegar Syndrome


Green Jellö sucks! Green Jellö sucks! GREEN JELLO SUXX LIVE is an entirely fan-made documentary that follows fearless band leader and founder Bill Manspeaker and his gang of misfits as they tour North America. Filled with live performances, interviews with current and previous band members, special appearances by Lloyd Kaufman and Maynard James Keenan and plenty of backstage antics, GREEN JELLO SUXX LIVE is a feature length ode to the world’s only Grammy nominated, Guiness Book of World Records holding punk rock puppet band to also be sued by Kraft Foods, Kellogg and Metallica. Features uncut performances of hit songs “Three Little Pigs”, “Bear Song” as featured in DUMB & DUMBER and “Carnage Rules” from the video game SPIDER-MAN & VENOM: MAXIMUM CARNAGE.

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Special Features

Region Free Blu-ray
Over 2 hours of special features and live performances!
Deleted Scenes
Bill Manspeaker’s 2014-2016 Jellovision Tour Diaries
Buffalo, NY 2015
Canadian tour 2015
Canadian tour 2016
Canadian tour 2016 with I.C.P.
English SDH subtitles




Vinegar Syndrome