Grindhouse Hotties: Renee Bond Sleazy 70s Triple Feature (DVD)

After Hours Cinema has reached deep into the adult film abyss and pulled forth 3 Rene Bond classics to assemble what you are now holding in your sweaty, hairy palms! RENE BOND SLEAZY 70s TRIPLE FEATURE is a toast to the lady herself – The Californian Queen of Sex – the irrefutable Rene Bond!

Rene Bond could have only flourished as an adult performer in the 1970s – a decade when ones physical idiosyncrasies were seen as being amalgamated with the content of his or her character to form something known as an individual. Nevertheless, Rene Bond was the it girl of 1970s West Coast hardcore! With her round, cherub-like face, mellifluent auburn hair, and big brown eyes, she was a typically attractive but ultimately unique candidate for the Land of Sun and Sin’s paragon sex star!

SOUNDS OF SEX Grindhouse hottie Rene Bond is your giddy guide through an assortment of freaky sexual fantasies! Co-starring Rene’s partner in grime, the equally notable Suzanne Fields!

CITY WOMAN Three women decide to explore the city and see the sights – and what a sight to see! – when they bare their bodies so their lovers can do a little exploring too!

SHOW AND TELL HOTEL There’s always something to see at the Show and Tell Hotel! From oral Olympics to incredible feats of fornication; you’ll check in, but you won’t want to check out!