Grindhouse Trash Collection Part 2 (DVD)

In the good old days of 16mm shmutz, programming was never much of an art form. Storefront cinemas would throw up whatever happened to be making the rounds at the time and, when they ran out of product, pull together a grab bag of whatever odds and ends happened to be lying around in back of the projection booth. This edition of the After Hours Collector’s monthly DVD sleaze-fest follows in this grand tradition, offering up a Whitman Sampler of slightly stale, cream-filled confections. Something noteworthy seems to reside in every pile of trash, however, and the present threadbare threefer certainly contains its quotient of slippery sex and god-awful aesthetics. So standards be damned, let’s start the show.

MELVIN KISSEM concerns the amorous adventures of three secretaries willing to ante up for an evening of satisfying sport sex. After a bit of haggling over the cost of services, each couple gets down to business, performing the usual repertoire of passionate postures and filthy feats to the strains of stale, canned soundtrack music.

IN FLIGHT SERVICE is the work of none other than the After Hours Collector’s good buddy, Charles Lamont – better known to 60s sexploitation fanatics as C. Davis Smith. A pure product of the infamous Kirtman Studios and an off-kilter example of Gotham-born grind-fare, it follows the erotic adventures of two red-blooded roommates – an airline hostess and an exotic dancer.

FIRES DOWN BELOW My life is so empty since Brian was killed in Viet Nam, we hear a ravishing, dark-haired beauty complain in voice-over. She calls aloud for her lost lover, begins to get horny, and caresses herself. Still hot in the pants, she manages to maneuver Brian s army buddy into the sack, referring to him by her dead husband’s name.