In the Eye of the Hurricane (DVD) 88 Films


Also known under the giallo-esque moniker of THE FOX WITH A VELVET TAIL and the more self-explanatory LUSTY LOVERS, the super sleazy EYE OF THE HURRICANE is one of the finest Italian obscurities yet unearthed by 88 Films. Making its British bow in a new HD transfer, EYE OF THE HURRICANE was unleashed on unsuspecting audiences in 1971 and takes the mystery narrative that made Dario Argento’s classic THE BIRD WITH THE CRYSTAL PLUMAGE (1970) so influential but adds dabbing of sex and spice to the mix. The focus of this unpredictable oddity is a young beautiful woman whose choice in bed partners may or may not be the cause of some oddball happenings and malevolent threats. With a narrative that packs in just enough boobs and bruises, 88 Films is proud to present this potent pot-boiler in its uncut and uncensored form!

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Special Features

New UHD 4K Transfer from the original negative
Dolby Audio English Mono
Dolby AudioItalian Mono with newly translated English Subtitles
Theatrical trailer remastered in UHD 4K
Alternate Scene
Alternative English Titles and Credits Sequence




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