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La Dolce Vita (Blu-ray)


Fellini was one of the most original and creative minds of the 20th century and he is recognized as one of the greatest directors of all time. La Dolce Vitais Federico Fellini’s epoch-making, signature masterpiece which is always at the very top of film polls and considered one of the best and most influential films ever made.

It s a spectacular and acutely relevant portrait of celebrity-obsessed culture. Starring Marcello Matroianni as the handsome tabloid journalist who gets his sensationalist gossip stories by non-stop partying and sleeping with socialites. But this apparent sweet life, this dolce vita , both excites and repels him

In celebration of the Fellini Centenary, one of the most influential and celebrated films of all times – filled with iconic images of the 1960s such as the mesmerizing sequence of Anita Ekberg dancing in the Trevi Fountain – is released on Blu-ray from unique restored 4K version made for Scorsese s nonprofit institute, The Film Foundation. Makes this the benchmark release.

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Special Features

Exclusive in depth own-produced original (and last-ever) interview with star Anita Ekberg
Definitive version from restored 4K source licensed from Scorsese s Film Foundation
New updated English subtitles
Fellini & other classics Trailers including: 8 1/2, JULIET OF THE SPIRITS, I VITELLONI