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Luz: The Flower of Evil (Blu-ray) Fractured Visions Ltd


Far into the Colombian mountains, a small farming community is rocked by the arrival of a mysterious young boy. Their leader, El Señor, claims that the child is the new Messiah, there to save their land, yet his three daughters start to question their father’s beliefs when the community starts to dissolve into madness and violence. Is this boy God? The Devil? More importantly, is there a difference?

Luz: The Flower of Evil marks the arrival of a stunning new cinematic voice. Juan Diego Escobar Alzate’s harrowing yet beautiful take on Good versus Evil is unlike anything that has come before it and is essential viewing for any folk horror, acid western and dark arthouse film aficionados. Brace yourself.

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Special Features

Collectors’ edition slipcase with new art by Christopher Shy
Collectors’ edition booklet with new writing by Diego López Fernández and Abraham Castillo Flores
Soundtrack CD by Brian Heater
6 Art Cards
Audio Commentary with Director and film critic Kurt Halfyard
‘The SITGES Experience’ documentary
‘Making of’ documentary
Trailer Reel
The Scum – Dead Eye’s Music Video
Short Film – The Colours of Hope and Wonder




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