Miel De Naranjas (Orange Honey) (Blu-ray)


Fresh-faced Enrique (an unpracticed Iban Garate) is doing military service as a paper-pusher in the office of military judge Don Eladio (Karra Elejalde, from Iciar Bollain’s ‘Even the Rain’), who’s given to ordering summary executions of suspected commies following the farcical trials over which he presides. Enrique is engaged to simpering Carmen (Blanca Suarez), later revealed to have a more interesting other side. His ailing mother, Maria (Angela Molina), is in a psychiatric home. His friend Leopoldo (Jose Manuel Poga), a rebel doctor, continually chides Enrique for working for Eladio. But when Enrique witnesses the execution of Maria’s caregiver, Don Jose (Fernando Soto), for printing anti-regime pamphlets, he finally jumps off the moral fence.

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