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Pop Erotica Fest (DVD) Shameless


Shameless celebrates the exuberance of the X-rated Sexties in a no-holds-barred riot of seduction, glamour & sex splashed across cinema’s most daring reels.

Inspired by eclectic masterpieces from the erotic literary genius of Sacher-Masoch’s Venus In Furs, to Guido Crepax’s arousing iconic comic strip Baba Yaga, via the far-out sets of Niki De Saint Phalle in The Frightened Woman, this Erotic Pop Fest features some of sinema’s most alluring leading ladies – think Dagmar Lassander, Laura Antonelli ! – each caught up in increasingly bizarre and dangerous sex games… with a twist…??

Disc 1 – Venus In Furs: – Extended English version

Disc 2 – Baba Yaga: – Extended New Director’s Cut

Disc 3 – The Frightened Woman: – Extended most complete version ever …

Out of stock