The Feminine Touch (DVD) Warner Brothers


Jealousy rears its head in laughter as Rosalind Russell, Don Ameche, Kay Francis and Van Heflin battle the green-eyed monster in The Feminine Touch, a snappy screwball comedy cowritten by Ogden Nash. A college professor who believes there’s no place for jealousy in modern marriage, John Hathaway (Ameche) moves with his wife, Julie (Russell), to New York where he plans to publish a book on the subject. Meeting with publisher Elliott Morgan (Heflin), who falls head over heels for Julie, John is assigned to his assistant Nellie (Francis), who only has eyes for her boss. Working closely with Nellie, who Julie thinks is after her husband, John continues his high-minded ways while his angry spouse schemes to make him so jealous he’ll knock Elliott’s block clean off.

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