The Last Matinee + Frankenstein Day of the Beast + Puppet Pal V(Blu-ray) Dark Star Pictures Ltd


It rains heavily in Montevideo on a Sunday in 1993. A particularly suspicious man enters the last screening of a horror film at a downtown cinema. The room, which is not very crowded due to the storm outside, slowly starts to get stained with blood.

Ana, the projectionist’s daughter, who has taken her father’s place just for the night, is in charge of the show. In the darkness of the cinema, the spectators fall one by one into the hands of the killer. From the projection room, Ana begins to notice that something strange is happening. A teenager and a boy who slipped into the room meet Ana as they try to escape. Together they must face this sadistic and ruthless killer, to save their lives and avoid a massacre in the matinee.”

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Special Features

Region A Blu-ray
PUPPET PAL V Feature Film (93 min)
Behind The Scenes (11 min)
VFX Backstage with VFX Director Chistian Gruaz (3 min)
Urban Legend: The Matinee Massacre, Presented by Guillermo Lockhart (3 Parts, total time 14 min)
Short: Hobby Metal (10 min)
Hobby Metal” Shortfilm behind the scenes (9 min)
Short: Movie Day Urguay(1 min)
Short: Fruit Stairs (1 min)
Short: Thank You For Your Visit (1 min)
Short: Popping Eyes (3 min)
Short: The Cookie (4 min)
Short: Maxi Contenti’s FEAR (19 min)
Espada Music Video by Phoro (original theme made for The Last Matinee)
Storyboard Kills – A Gallery, Storyboard Artist: Pablo Praino
Reversible cover artwork
English subtitles




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