Play Music DVDs FAQ

Do you sell outside of Australia?
No. We sell movies and music from all over the world, but we only ship to Australian addresses. We don’t trust Johnny Foreigner and we never will. (Just jokes. Johnny Foreigner is a lovely person.)

I want to give you money. How do I pay?
We accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and PayPal. No Diners Club.

How long does delivery take?
Regular post in Australia usually takes 2-7 days from when we send your order. Express is about 3 days.

How good is your bubble-wrap?
Our bubble-wrap is handmade by a family of Armenian craftsman from Adelaide who have been making bubble-wrap using traditional methods for more than three hundred years. It’s pretty good stuff.

I ordered the wrong thing!
That’s not a question, but don’t worry about it. Send us a message through or call us on 9650 0652 during business hours. If we haven’t sent your order yet we can make the switch to the correct item. If there’s a price difference in the order we’ll either provide you with credit or charge you the difference.

You sent me the wrong thing!
Ah. Sorry about that! Send us a message through or call us on 9650 0652 during business hours and we’ll sort it out for you. This probably means you’ll mail it back to us and we’ll send you the right thing.

If there’s a price difference in the order we’ll either provide you with credit or charge you the difference.

We’ll reimburse you for the cost to mail it back as we screwed that one up.

I gave you the wrong address!
Oof. That’s rough. Get onto us at or call us on 9650 0652 during business hours, quick smart, hopefully before we’ve sent it on.

I popped the shrink wrap on the item before realising I want to change it
You gotta make sure of your purchase before popping the shrink-wrap. We can’t accept a return that’s not still in shrink-wrap. I guess you have a Christmas present for someone.

I stepped on it and the case is busted and I’d like a replacement.
Sure thing! You’re going to have to pay for the replacement, though. We can’t accept a return that’s not in the condition we sent it. You broke it, you keep it.

The packaging was crushed, and my stuff is probably wrecked. It’s not my fault!
Fair enough. Take a picture of the package before opening it so you can send that to us. We can use it as evidence when we make a claim to the Post Office.

Can I email you with a list of requests of things not mentioned on the site
Yes! Email us at or call us during business hours on 9650 0652.

What is your cancellation policy?
If you cancel before we ship the item, well and good. If you cancel after we’ve shipped, that complicates things. Have a look back up at the “I ordered the wrong thing” question for an idea as to how we’ll work that one out. Probably best to make really sure before you click “buy”. We’re not your mum, after all.

What is your privacy policy?
All online sales with Play Music DVDs will require you to provide us with some personal information.

We use this information to charge you for items safely, send the items you have bought to the correct place and contact you regarding any orders if need be.

All information you provide to facilitate a sale will never be passed on to any third parties.


What is a DVD region? What is a Blu-ray region? Why do you stock varying regions?
The world is divided into markets or regions. A dvd or blu-ray from a particular region will usually only play on a player from the same region. For example, Australia’s DVD region is 4 so a DVD made in America, being Region 1, won’t usually play on a Region 4 player.

DVD Regions

Blu-ray Region

These images show the breakdown of dvd and bluray regions. You can easily see Australia is Region 4 DVD and Region B bluray.

Because not every film is available in every region, we have films brought in from other regions. In order to play these films from other regions you will need what is known as a multi-region player.

Do I have a multi-region player?
Great question! This is not easily answered in a FAQ, though. Call us on 9650 0652 and we can work through it with you. Don’t email us for this one as we’ll need to have a chat.

Why does all this matter?
Because you might be buying something your current player can’t handle and that’s no fun for you or us.

I don’t need to understand any of this. If it’s the wrong region, I’ll just return it!
I mean, okay, being lazy is one way, but surely it’s better for everyone if we work it all out before that? That’s why we have that little check mark you have to tick off before buying anything.

Also, have a look back earlier in the FAQ. If you pop the shrink-wrap on an item, we’re not taking it back.

Be a good customer, get educated. If you’re still not sure what a region is, call us on 9650 0652 before making a purchase. Do us that consideration and we’ll bend over backwards to help you when it matters.

Please don’t take us for granted and assume we’re happy to put up with your carelessness. We’ll do it the first time, we’ll happily explain what went wrong, but we’ll get tired of it very quickly and don’t be surprised if we take measures to ensure we never have to deal with you again.

That sounded a bit grim!
Yeah, sorry. We’re serious, though. Don’t be a pain. Let’s all just get along.