Yes, We Buy & Sell

We buy a bit of everything, here’s what you need to know...

What Do We Buy?


We’re always on the look out for certain labels.

Are you planning to sell us anything from the following, or similar, labels ?

America: Criterion, Severin, Vinegar Syndrome, Snyapse, Mondo Macabro

UK: Eureka/ Masters of Cinema, Arrow, BFI, Indicator

Australia: Madman, Umbrella, Palace, Imprint

If the answer is yes, please bring them in! We are very interested.

If the answer is no, you must send us pictures of your collection, specifically stacked on their side so we can see the titles. This way we can decide whether it’s worth your time to bring them in.


We buy Blu-rays, DVDs, CDs and vinyl; old stuff, new stuff, rare stuff and weird stuff. We buy film and music-related books but you might wanna check the titles with us before lugging a heavy box into the city. We’re always on the lookout for the gems in people’s collections and we’re happy to pay good money.

How much stuff can you bring in? We can’t stress this enough (deep breath, in capitals): YOU CAN BRING IN AS MUCH STUFF AS YOU WANT. The current record is 33 green Coles bags at one time. We’d love you to try to beat it. There’s no reward or trophy for being the new champion, but we will talk about you in hushed tones at the pub.

If you have a lot to sell us, do everyone a favour and call up first. Big collections can take days for us to sift through and the smug bastard who brought in 33 bags had to wait a week for our call. We can work out a schedule that suits you.

And what if you can’t bring it all in? If the collection is just too big, and you can’t bring it in bit by bit, we might be able to come visit you and have a look at it. Can’t hurt to ask.

In closing, we’re happy to look at what you have. We want to see what you have. But we don’t take everything. See the next section for details on that.

What Won't We Buy?

We buy a lot of things but we also can’t buy certain things to ensure our customer have a great experience when they shop with us. 

Thankfully, this list is on the short side of things and it makes it easy to remember. We can’t accept goods that are badly damaged (scratches, cracks, water damage, etc), anything from cheap labels or pirated material. 

Please make sure your goods are in good condition otherwise we may not be able to purchase them. 

Items to Sell?

We’ll take a look at anything, from a handful of items you no longer need, to a massive collection that’s just gathering dust.

How Do You Sell to Us?

The first thing you will need is some ID. 

If you’re bringing in a lot of stuff, call us ahead of time (03) 9650 0652 so we can prepare.

Our staff will inspect everything before making an offer. We reserve the right to refuse to buy anything and everything if it fails to meet our standards. If there’s a lot of stuff, or if we’re stuck in a busy period, we may require you to come back later.

After we have assessed your goods we will make you a cash offer. Store credit is worth about 10% more.

How Much Can I get?

It really depends how long the piece of string is.

If it’s the sort of thing you see in bargain bins for $5 – $10 dollars, then we’re going to give you next to nothing, maybe fifty cents a pop if we even want it. You know the stuff we’re talking about; don’t pretend you don’t. We’re not a dump, please bring us good stuff.

So what’s good? On the local front, recent Madman releases, for example, can get you up to 5 dollars each, easy. High-quality labels like Criterion or Eureka are always welcome here and you can expect up to 10 dollars each for that stuff. Box sets can net you a lot more. Of course, we’re just talking about movies and such here.

We’re also assuming that the cases, discs and slips are all in great condition. We pay less for damaged goods. Seems obvious, but we’re just gonna say it so everyone’s clear. Bring in good quality products from great labels in good condition to get the best payouts and then everyone’s happy.

Do I really need to Provide ID?

It’s the law; nothing to be done about it.

Do I need to sign anything?

You will be required to sign paperwork in order to be paid as it’s law.