Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple Film Collection (DVD)


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A collection of four Miss Marple mysteries starring Margaret Rutherford as Jane Marple.

In ‘Murder She Said’ (1961) Miss Marple begins her own murder investigation after the police refuse to believe her story of a murder on a passing train carriage, as there is no body.

In ‘Murder at the Gallop’ (1963) Miss Marple suspects foul play when a wealthy old recluse, Mr Enderby, dies of a heart attack.

In ‘Murder Ahoy’ (1964) Miss Marple boards a ship used for the rehabilitation of young criminals after one of her fellow trustees of the scheme is murdered.

Finally in ‘Murder Most Foul’ (1964) Miss Marple is not convinced that the police have the right killer after hearing all the evidence as a juror at his murder trial.

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