Avon Triple Feature (Blu-ray) Massacre Video Ltd


From the legendary Avon Productions and director Phil Prince, comes three quintessentially crude early 80s roughies!
A vérité glimpse inside one of the seedy clubs from Times Square’s infamously grimy past, PAIN MANIA gets intimate with both performer and performance, putting us front row center as well as behind the scenes.
A mysterious occult figure takes victims’ confessions and schemes to turn the tables on those who have done them wrong in FORGIVE ME, I HAVE SINNED; an erotic anthology of violation, forbidden love and revenge.
And, finally, in a twist on LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT and other brutal grindhouse classics, THE STORY OF PRUNELLA turns a tale of bridal bliss into an unflinching orgy of assault, kidnapping, and degradation.
Massacre Video is proud to present this triple feature of titillating depravity, fully uncut in all their sleazy glory, for the first time on Blu-ray with brand new 2k scans from RARE 16mm elements!

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Special Features

-Limited Edition Slipcase
-Brand New 2k Scans of All Three Films from Original 16mm Elements
-Uncompressed PCM Audio
-Trailers for Other Massacre Video Releases




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