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Beatrice Cenci (Blu-ray) 88 Films


Tomas Milian (Syndicate Sadists), Adrienne Laurussa (The Man Who Fell to Earth) and Georges Wilson (Don’t Torture a Duckling) co-star in this brutal re-telling of the Cenci Family. The film depicts the horrific events that led to the demise of one of Italy’s most prestigious families, through two timelines we establish how, and why, this much-loved family were sent to the guillotine in 1599. Based on the tragic true story, Beatrice Cenci (A.K.A The Conspiracy of Torture) shook Italy to its very core upon release in 1969 thanks to its strong condemnation of the Catholic church and set Lucio Fulci on a collision course with the graphic violence that would become synonymous with his most popular works.

Considered by Fulci himself to be his finest cinematic work, 88 Films are proud to unveil the prized possession within a legendary career. Prepare to witness the birth of the Godfather of Gore, finally uncut, uncensored and unleashed for the very first time in the UK!

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Special Features

Brand New 2K Scan from The Original 35mm Negatives in 1.85:1 Aspect Ratio supported by Indiegogo Crowdfunding
Extensive Cleanup and Colour Correction Carried out in the UK
Remastered Uncompressed English Audio
Optional English SDH Subtitles
Remastered Uncompressed Italian Audio with Newly Translated Subtitles
Audio Commentary by Genre Expert Troy Howarth
Interview with actor Antonio Casagrande
Interview with Stephen Thrower (author of Nightmare USA and Beyond Terror)
Reversible sleeve with alternative Italian poster




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