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Bill Morrison: Selected Works 1996-2014 (Blu-ray) BFI Ltd


Over the past twenty years, Bill Morrison has built a filmography of more than thirty striking and original works which have been presented in cinemas, museums, galleries and concert halls worldwide. Making use of rare archival footage, which has often been decayed by the passing of time, Morrison explores the power of film as a medium which is evocative of memory and gives rise to a sense of collective mythology. Morrison’s exquisite and timeless films are scored by the cream of the US underground / avant-garde music scene, including Dave Douglas, Henryk Górecki and Bill Frisell.

This extensive collection makes Morrison’s acclaimed films available in Europe for the first time. The set includes his renowned 2002 feature Decasia (67 mins) as well as the evocative Spark of Being (67 mins), The Great Flood (78 mins) Light is Calling (8 mins), The Mesmerist (16 mins), Ghost Trip (23 mins), Outerborough (9 mins), Who by Water (22 mins) and Just Ancient Loops (26 mins).

Disc One
The Film of Her (1966, 12 mins)
City Walk (1999, 6 mins)
Ghost Trip (2000, 23 mins)
Decasia (2002, 67 mins)
The Mesmerist (2003, 16 mins)
Light is Calling (2004, 8 mins)
Outerborough (2005, 9 mins)
Porch (2006, 9 mins)

Disc Two
Highwater Trilogy (2006, 31 mins)
Who by Water (2007, 18 mins)
Spark of Being (2010, 67 mins)
Release (2010, 13 mins)
Just Ancient Loops (2012, 26 mins)

Disc Three
Re:Awakenings (2013, 18 mins)
The Great Flood (2013, 78 mins)
Beyond Zero: 1914-1918 (2014, 41 mins)
Back to the Soil (2014, 18 mins)

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Special Features

Presented in High Definition
Bill Morrison: The Film Archaeologist (2013, 9 mins)
Fully illustrated booklet featuring essays by Lawrence Weschler, Alex Ross, Gareth Evans, Geoffrey Himes, Sukhdev Sandhu, Steve Dollar and Matt Levine.