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BOYS ON FILM 21 takes you on a voyage of self-discovery, where same-sex attraction is celebrated, first loves are tenderly formulated, and beautiful secrets burn and bloom.

Featuring over two hours from the world’s best filmmaking talent from Australia, Canada, Romania, Switzerland, the UK, USA and even the Isle of Wight:

  • MEMOIRS OF A GEEZA (UK, 4 mins) Dir. Theo James Krekis
  • WE ARE DANCERS (UK, 30 mins) Dir. Joe Morris
  • MY DAD WORKS THE NIGHT SHIFT (Canada, 14 mins) Dir. Zachary Ayotte
  • L’HOMME JETÉE (Switzerland, 21 mins) Dir. Loïc Hobi
  • MY SWEET PRINCE (UK, 12 mins) Dir. Jason Bradbury
  • DUNGAREES (UK, 5 mins) Dir. Abel Rubinstein
  • CLOTHES & BLOW (US/UK, 23 mins) Dir. Sam Peter Jackson
  • A NORMAL GUY (Romania, 14 mins) Dir. George Dogaru
  • PRETTY BOY (Australia, 9 mins) Dirs. Pierce Hadjincola & Sinclar Suhood

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Special Features

Clothes & Blow: Interview with the Cast & Crew
Boys on Film 21: Beautiful Secret – International Trailer




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