Cría Cuervos (Blu-ray+DVD) BFI


Carlos Saura’s (Carmen, Blood Wedding) touching and thought-provoking 1976 work remains one of the most important films in Spanish cinema. Released when Spain was just coming out of 40 years of Fascist rule it was nominated for a Golden Globe, and won the Grand Prize at Cannes in 1977.

Cría cuervos (English translation: Raise Ravens) centres on an amazing performance by the young actress Ana Torrent (Spirit Of The Beehive, The Haunting) as the disturbed eight-year-old girl living in Madrid with her two sisters and mourning the death of her mother, played by an ethereal Geraldine Chaplin, whom she conjures as a ghost.

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Special Features

Presented in both High Definition and Standard Definition
Portrait of Carlos Saura (Jose Luis Lopez-Linares, 2004, 60 mins, DVD only)
On-stage interview with Carlos Saura (2012, 23 mins, DVD only)
Original theatrical trailers
Optional English language soundtrack
Fully illustrated booklet featuring new essays and notes from Maria Delgado, Mar Diestro-Dopido and Michael Brooke


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