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Dead Space (Blu-ray) Scream Factory


Marc Singer (The Beastmaster, V), Judith Chapman (Scorpio One, Mortal Fear) and Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad, Wakefield) star in this fast-paced futuristic horror thriller, a loose remake of the Roger Corman-produced Forbidden World.

On the planet Phaebon, a controlled research facility had been thought to be safe … until a breach unleashes alien terrors unknown. A distress signal calls for Commander Krieger (Singer) and his robot cohort Tinpan (Rodger Halston). Together, they must contend with a rapidly spreading virus and an odd — and growing — cocoon.

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Special Features

NEW 4K Scan Of The Original Camera Negative
NEW Extended Cut With Six Minutes Of Unseen Footage
BONUS: Theatrical Cut (In Standard Definition)
Audio Commentary With Director Fred Gallo (Theatrical Cut)




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