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Dodsworth (Blu-ray) Warner Archive


Based on the best-selling novel by Sinclair Lewis, this handsome, intelligent film (Los Angeles Times) garnered seven Academy Award nominations, winning one*, and is one of the authentic masterpieces of the 1930s (Filmex Guide). Sam Dodsworth (Walter Huston) is a small-town rags-to-riches millionaire who finds that his money cannot bring him happiness. His unsatisfied wife, Fran (Ruth Chatterton), seeking glamour and sophistication, persuades him to take her on a grand tour of Europe, where she promptly deserts him for a romantic but penniless baron. Brokenhearted, Sam meets Edith (Mary Astor), an understanding widow who arouses passions he never thought he had and sets him on a collision course with his wife, unleashing a torrent of desire, betrayal and shocking revelations.

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