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Dolores Claiborne (Blu-ray) Premium Ltd


Selena St. George stares at the note and news clipping. Her estranged mother Dolores has been accused of murder. Grudgingly, Selena returns to her tiny Maine hometown to offer help. Not that she believes Dolores is innocent. In truth, she harbours suspicions going back 20 years.

Kathy Bates, who won a Best Actress Oscars for Misery, scores in another chilling Stephen King story (directing by Taylor Hackford) as tough-talking Dolores Claiborne. Jennifer Jason Leigh is wrenching as embittered Selena. The two circle warily, piecing together past and present, memory and fact, to reveal the startling truth behind two mysterious deaths.

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Special Features

Commentary by Director Taylor Hackford
Theatrical Trailer