Flavia the Heretic (Blu-ray) Shameless


FLAVIA THE HERETIC is judged the most graphically violent of all ‘nunsploitation’ films; it is so uncompromising and harsh that it courts the ranks of video nasties! It is though undeniably potent and thought-provoking, reflecting on religiously condoned violence as well as misogyny.

Director Gianfranco Mingozzi tells a story with great respect for his characters and his audience. Based on true events from Medieval Italy; Flavia ( Florinda Bolkan ) rebels after being imprisoned in a monastery by her tyrannical father, and joins a Muslim army invading in retaliation to the crusades. Flavia s world becomes filled with murder, rape, torture and worse. Nun, Warrior and Avenger, Flavia’s will is unshakeable even when she’s eventually caught and tortured.

Beautifully filmed by Alfio Contini ( The Night Porter ) with flashes of ‘Jodorowsky-esque’ surrealism and boasting a score by Oscar®-winning Nicola Piovani (Life is Beautiful), this challenging film is released here for the first time in HD on Blu-ray, uncut, finally doing justice to the searing vision of its filmmakers.

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Special Features

Unique new Florinda Bolkan interview filmed by the label exclusively
Audio commentary exclusively made for the label by Kat Ellinger