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Friday the 13th (4k) Paramount Ltd


The terrifying first FRIDAY THE 13TH that launched the iconic horror movie franchise comes to 4K UHD! The thrills start when the new owner, and several young counselors, gather to reopen Camp Crystal Lake. Years ago, a young boy named Jason Voorhees drowned, and a series of vicious murders occurred thereafter. Despite locals’ warnings that the place has a “death curse,” the new crew continues to relaunch the camp. One by one, they find out how unlucky Friday the 13th can be as they are stalked by a violent killer. For those who dare for an extended scare, both the “Unrated” and theatrical cuts are included.

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Special Features

Director commentary
Cast commentary
Fresh Cuts New Tales from Friday the 13th
The Man Behind the Legacy
Friday the 13th Reunion
Lost Tales from Camp Blood Part 1
The Friday the 13th Chronicles – Friday the 13th
Secrets Galore Behind the Gore