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Hakaba Kitaro (DVD)


Japan in the 1950s. The war is over. People are rebuilding their lives and the Japanese economy is growing at an accelerating pace. While the rich become richer a tremendous number of people are still at the bottom of social pyramid working their fingers to the bone in order to survive… On the other hand the Ghost Tribe live in their own world. They have existed longer than humans and are forced to move deeper into the backwoods as urbanization progresses. In this society in a graveyard, Kitaro was born – the last of the Ghost Tribe. His eerie appearance has made him known as Hakaba (Graveyard) Kitaro. Through his father, Medama Oyaji (Eyeball Father), Kitaro observes insatiable human greed from the standpoints of the Spirit World and the human world. What is hell? What is Life? Kitaro humorously satirizes pathetic human ego and expresses the honest joy of being alive with true human happiness.

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