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House of Five Leaves Complete Series (DVD)


A single maple leaf… calling card of The Five Leaves.

A timid young ronin named Akitsu yearns for the respect of his peers and elders. He meets Yaichi, a mysterious yet charismatic man who hires him to train as his bodyguard. Educating the young samurai in the warrior tradition, Yaichi builds Akitsus confidence and skill as he tells him of his dangerous life in the red light districts of Japan and the calling card of a secret kidnapping organisation: The Five Leaves.

Cruel fate waits.

Brilliantly stylized by Kazuto Nakazawa (Blood+, Genius Party: Moondrive) and directed by Tomomi Mochizuki (Ranma ), House of Five Leaves creates a vivid historical drama with a tense, brooding atmosphere.

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