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Howard the Duck (Blu-ray) 101 Films


101 Films presents Howard the Duck (1986), title 008 on our Black Label and a UK Blu-ray debut. Extras include a new 20-minute featurette in which the BFI’s Vic Pratt discusses Howard’s comic book origins and the character’s journey to the big screen, plus two brand new commentaries.

From executive producer George Lucas and the pages of Marvel Comics comes a comedy adventure spectacular about a fast-talking, cigar-chomping, beer-loving duck from a parallel universe who crashes to Earth and somehow winds up in Cleveland. As Howard attempts to return to his own planet, he falls in love with rock singer Beverly Switzler (Lea Thompson, Back to the Future) and must battle an evil invader known as the Dark Overlord.

This wacky, elaborately produced spoof of life, love, comic books and horror movies is a misunderstood cult classic, ripe for rediscovery.

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Special Features

Howard: A New Cult Hero: Vic Pratt on Howard the Duck
Commentary with Wil Jones and Robert J.E. Simpson
Commentary with Charlie Brigden and Dan Whitehead

Additional Extras

A Look Back at Howard the Duck
Releasing the Duck News Featurette
The Stunts of Howard the Duck
The Special Effects of Howard the Duck
The Music of Howard the Duck




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