Inferno Rosso: Joe D’Amato on the Road of Excess (Blu-ray) Severin


Aristide Massaccesi – better known by his nom de cinéma Joe D’Amato – was the wildly prolific producer/director of the most extreme genre films in history, from horror jaw-droppers that include ANTHROPOPHAGUS and BEYOND THE DARKNESS to erotic taboo-blasters like CALIGULA: THE UNTOLD STORY and his BLACK EMANUELLE collaborations with Laura Gemser. Documentarians Manlio Gomarasca and Massimiliano Zanin now reveal the whole story of D’Amato’s remarkable life and career featuring an in-depth interview with the late filmmaker, new and archival insights by colleagues, family, friends and fans Michele Soavi, Luigi Montefiori, Jess Franco, Eli Roth, Tinto Brass, Roger Corman, Luigi Cozzi, Luc Merenda, Bruno Mattei, Al Cliver, Claudio Fragasso and more, plus explicit clips from dozens of D’Amato’s most infamous films. Also included is D’Amato’s sumptuously sexy 1986 period drama SCANDALOUS EMANUELLE – aka PEEP SHOW – starring Gemser, Jenny Tamburi (THE PSYCHIC), and Lilly Carati (THE ALCOVE).

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Special Features

Inferno Rosso Special Features:
Introduction By Nicolas Winding Refn For Venice Film Festival Premiere
Two Of A Kind: Talking About Joe – Director Manlio Gomarasca And Giona A. Nazzaro (Artistic Director, Locarno Film Festival) In Conversation

Scandalous Emanuelle Special Features:
Scandalous Christina – Interview With Actress Jenny Tamburi
Peeping Lilli – Interview With Actress Lilli Carati