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Like Cattle Towards Glow (DVD) TLA


Dennis Cooper and Zac Farley s Like Cattle Towards Glow consists of five independent, thematically and emotionally interconnected scenes. It’s a complex, intimate, strangely serene, wide-ranging, and always challenging exploration of sexual desire as a hiding place. In these unique, stylistically and temperamentally diverse scenes, each one featuring its own set of characters and storyline, sex makes a promise of something so intense and untenable to the characters that they feel they must enter it in secret through an act of violence, or under the guise of an unrelated transaction, or by rationalizing its dangers away with the help of politics, or through utilizing it remotely as material for a purely aesthetic project. Like these characters, and like sex itself, Like Cattle Towards Glow is as deep, knowing, and unknowable as it is raucous and original in addicition to being unflinching in its explicitness.

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