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Loving Memory (Blu-ray+DVD) BFI


An extraordinary debut from one of Hollywood’s most bankable UK expats, Tony Scott’s Loving Memory (1970) follows an isolated brother and sister who live with their memories and a grisly secret.

Critically acclaimed on its release, Loving Memory was beautifully photographed by celebrated cinematographer Chris Menges – who captures perfectly the misty mystery of the Yorkshire moors – and features a stunning, sinister performance from Rosamund Greenwood (Village of the Damned, The Witches) as a haunted innocent.

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Special Features

One of the Missing (Tony Scott, 1968, 27 minutes): taught psychological short about the lonely fate of a confederate soldier in the American Civil War
Boy and Bicycle (Ridley Scott, 1965, 28 minutes): follows the adventures of a truant schoolboy – played by the young Tony Scott – as he cycles round Hartlepool
Fully illustrated booklet with newly commissioned essay by Kim Newman and production notes on the film.


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