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Maelstrom (DVD) BBC


Catherine Durrell (Tusse Silberg) is made redundant but a surprise is in store when she learns that by the inexplicable whim of a drowned man she has been left a fortune in Norway. Who was this man – and why was she chosen as beneficiary? To find the answer Catherine travels to Ålesund the beautiful capital of the Sunnmøre region.

Here against a background of contemporary Norwegian life but paralleled by myth and legend Catherine becomes deeply involved in the affairs of the Jordahl family and more and more her parentage is called into question as she probes the mysterious life and background of Hjalmar Jordahl. She embarks on a passionate stormy and potentially tragic relationship which places her life in even greater danger.

Catherine pursues her investigations until finally on Midsummer’s Eve and with the pagan Nordic celebrations at their height the last piece of the jigsaw falls into place and she comes face to face with her own would-be killer. And the maelstrom into which she has been inexorably drawn threatens to engulf her…

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