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Actress Margaret Lockwood was Britain’s leading box office star of the 1940s. Rising to fame in Alfred Hitchcock’s thriller THE LADY VANISHES in 1938, Lockwood became synonymous with villainess roles, such as the highly successful THE WICKED LADY.

This box set commemorates her contribution to cinema with six of her greatest performances including THE LADY VANISHES (1938) the passengers of a trans-European train are forced to stop at a local hotel where one of them disappears; LOVE STORY (1944) a concert pianist with a serious heart problem meets a pilot who is going blind; THE WICKED LADY (1945) a woman steals her cousin’s fiance then embarks on a career of crime; BANK HOLIDAY (1938) follows a series of people enjoying the seaside on a 1930s British Bank Holiday; HIGHLY DANGEROUS (1950) an entomologist is sent to a Communist country to collect specimens for British Intelligence; GIVE US THE MOON (1944) with WWII over and employment booming, a lazy young man refuses to work and joins group of people with similar sensibilities…

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A Margaret Lockwood British Cinema Documentary