Marlene Dietrich at Universal (Blu-ray) BFI Ltd


This new Blu-ray collection combines four classics from the Golden Age of Hollywood, starring the iconic Marlene Dietrich.

All produced by Universal in the early 1940s, the set showcases Dietrich’s alluring and enduring persona; the epitome of big screen glamour and sensuousness.

Featuring Seven Sinners (Dir. Tay Garnett, 1940), Flame of New Orleans (Dir. René Clair, 1941), The Spoilers (Dir. Ray Enright, 1942) and Pittsburgh (Dir. Lewis Seiler, 1942), with co-stars including John Wayne, Broderick Crawford and Randolph Scott, the films exhibit Dietrich’s uniquely captivating style of performance and the charisma that continues to endear her to fans worldwide.

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Special Features

High Definition transfers of all four films
Seven Sinners feature commentary by film historian David Del Valle and screenwriter C Courtney Joyner
The Flame of New Orleans feature commentary by film historian Lee Gambin and actor and film historian Rutanya Alda
The Spoilers feature commentary by film historian Toby Roan
Pittsburgh feature commentary by critic and film historian Pamela Hutchinson
Music and effects tracks for The Flame of New Orleans, The Spoilers and Pittsburgh
60-page book featuring newly commissioned essays by Sarah Wood, Pamela Hutchinson, So Mayer, Ellen Cheshire, Katy McGahan and Philip Kemp
Limited to 4,000 copies