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Evil land developer, Allen Sangster, has just opened his latest tourist trap: the Memorial Valley Campground. As carloads of happy campers arrive for what they assume will be a weekend of fun in the great outdoors, a much more sinister presence is watching them from the nearby wilderness. When campers start turning up dead, their bodies brutally mangled, George, the head forest ranger, is tasked with finding the killer and putting an end to the bloodshed…but it seems he might know much more about the sinister killings than he’s letting on.

Shot under the title ‘Memorial Day’ and released internationally as ‘Valley of Death,’ MEMORIAL VALLEY MASSACRE is a cheerfully absurd direct-to-video slasher featuring imaginative deaths and a wild choice for a killer. Directed by Robert C. Hughes (Hunter’s Blood) and starring John Kerry (Dolemite), William Smith (Red Dawn), and genre film icon, Cameron Mitchell (The Toolbox Murders), Vinegar Syndrome presents MEMORIAL VALLEY MASSACRE in its official disc debut, newly restored in 4K from its original camera negative.

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Special Features

Region A Blu-ray (studio restriction)
Newly scanned & restored in 4k from its 35mm original negative
“Welcome to Memorial Valley” – an interview with director Robert C. Hughes
“Ranger Danger” – an interview with actor John Kerry
Promotional still gallery
Reversible cover artwork
SDH English subtitles




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