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Miles Walton, age 17, divides his time between the exciting new world of AOL chat rooms and the movie theater where he works. He bides his time until he can go away to college in Chicago to study filmmaking as he has always dreamed. One morning his father passes away unexpectedly, revealing a secret affair with a local girl, which ate up all of their family savings. Miles can no longer afford to go to college. Miles looks at the few remaining college scholarships, and finds there s only one left in Chicago: to the Men s Volleyball team at Loyola University. Because his high school doesn t have a men s team, Miles tries out for the girl s team. When brash outspoken head coach Leslie Wayne notices Miles s natural athletic ability, she puts him on the team immediately regardless of state regulations. Miles’s soft-spoken mother Pam (an English teacher at his school) joins a local widow support group where she meets Lloyd O Brien, the new school district Superintendent. Lloyd asks Pam out on a date, and they begin a quiet relationship. With Miles on the girls volleyball team, they destroy their first opponent. Other teams begin forfeiting out of protest. Miles uses his internet expertise to track down the Loyola recruiter, and invites him to his next home game. Shortly after, he learns that a School Board hearing has been ordered regarding his involvement on the girls team. At the hearing Miles is told that if he plays, he will be suspended, thereby preventing the recruiter from seeing him in action. Miles suits up for the game anyway, and immediately gets ejected. Eight months later on graduation day, Pam drives Miles straight to the bus station. She gives him an 8mm camera and a modest amount of money. They say their goodbyes before Miles boards a bus to Chicago. With the sun setting on his face, Miles watches the road ahead, eagerly awaiting his new future in Chicago.

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