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Orphee (DVD) BFI


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Poet, playwright, artist and filmmaker, Jean Cocteau was one of the most significant artists of the 20th century and Orphée his finest work of cinema.

This magical retelling of the Orpheus myth turns the lyre-playing singer of Greek legend into a famous left-bank poet in postwar Paris. Fallen out of favour and lost for poetic inspiration, Orphée becomes obsessed with a mysterious black-clad princess who first claims the life of a rival poet, and then Eurydice, his wife.

With its unforgettable imagery – the dissolving mirror through which characters pass into the next world, the leather-clad, death-dealing motorcyclists, and Cocteau’s magical special effects – Orphée is a work of haunting beauty that follows the poetic logic of a dream.

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Special Features

Feature commentary from French film expert Roland-Francois Lack
Original trailer
Fully illustrated booklet containing posters, stills and a 1950 interview with Cocteau