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Popeye the Sailor: The 1940s Volume 3 (Blu-ray) Warner Brothers


Prepare for 17 newly adventures featuring our favorite spinach eating sailor man and his lovely leading lady, Olive Oyl. This set finishes out Popeye’s second decade of screen stardom with cartoons originally released to movie theaters in 1948 and 1949. Providing more globe trotting and time-traveling adventures, the cartoons have been restored to look their lavish best utilizing the techniques of three classic color systems.

The Polacolor process was a short lived 3 strip technique designed to be an alternative to TechnicolorĀ®. The studio gave it a try on a group of cartoons produced during this period, and the results are particularly striking with fresh restorations that now show their proper, vibrant hues.

In these cartoons, Popeye and Olive travel back to prehistoric times, ancient Greece and the Sherwood Forest. They visit Plymouth Rock and the Old West, then battle assorted baddies in the Egyptian desert, the freezing Arctic and the Ozarks. Of course, Bluto is back as Popeye’s number one nemesis, tackling the sailor man as a rival lumberjack, a fanatic flying ace and a lecherous vaudeville hypnotist.

But that’s not all. Popeye also has his fists full with a pair of pet dogs, irritating houseflies and a quartet of spinach hating, sound-alike nephews. He ultimately meets his match when Olive decides to throw her hat in the ring and makes a run for U.S. president!

Hilarious sight gags, gorgeous cartoon art and more action-packed goodness from the golden age of animation: Popeye the Sailor: The 1940s, Volume 3 will leave you rooting and toot-tooting for more!

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