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Possessed (Blu-ray) Premium Ltd


She loves him when he goes away for months. She loves him when he refuses to marry her. But when callow David Sutton chooses to marry someone else, Louise Howell’s love for him takes a darker turn. Give her a gun and she’ll love him to death. Joan Crawford reteams with producer Jerry Wald of her Academy Award-winning Mildred Pierce and claims a 1947 Best Actress Oscar nomination for her portrayal of tempestuous, mentally unstable Louise. “I love you’ is such an inadequate way of saying I love you,” Louise says. “It doesn’t quite describe how much it hurts sometimes.” With Crawford at her film-noir-queen best, be assured it hurts so good.

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Special Features

Commentary by Film Historian Drew Casper
Featurette: Possessed: The Quintessential Film Noir