Quatermass and the Pit (Blu-ray) BBC Ltd


Andre Morell stars as Professor Bernard Quatermass in this landmark television classic. Now available on Blu-Ray for the very first time, in a brand new high-definition remaster from the original film elements.

When a strange capsule is unearthed at an archaeological excavation in London, an unexploded bomb is initially suspected. However, with a history of supernatural events in the area going back many centuries and with events at the dig site about to take an unexpectedly alien turn, the origins of the capsule are soon revealed to be far more distant than anyone could have imagined.

When the capsule is finally opened, something is unleashed upon the streets of London that nobody can control and mankind’s past and future collide with devastating consequences. Includes an 8-page collectors booklet.

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Special Features

Brand new commentaries featuring members of the original cast and crew. Presented by Toby Hadoke.
A newly compiled photo gallery, including images of a number of previously unreleased images from the show’s original production.
A complication of alternate title sequences from the BBC Archives.
Making Demons visual effects featurette.
Archive documentary content, covering the 1958 production.