Requiem for a Village (Blu-ray + DVD) BFI


The idyllic, rural past of a Suffolk village comes to life through the memories of an old man who tends a country graveyard, in this extraordinary, little-seen folk horror from David Gladwell.

Although best known for his celebrated work as editor on Lindsay Anderson’s If…. and O Lucky Man!, Gladwell has, until now, rarely been recognised as the director of a number of groundbreaking films.

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Special Features

Presented in both High Definition and Standard Definition
A Summer Discord (Gladwell, 1955, 17 mins, silent): a visionary drama centered around a young girl's argument with her mother
Miss Thompson Goes Shopping (Gladwell, 1958, 23 mins): a sensitive and inventive portrait of an elderly lady's shopping trip
The Great Steam Fair (David Gladwell, Derrick Knight, 1964, 18 mins): an assured, lyrical example of Gladwell's extensive work as editor and director of documentary shorts
An Untitled Film (Gladwell, 1964, 9 mins): an extraordinary piece of film art, exploring the power, beauty and violence contained in a single moment of time
Booklet, illustrated withy Gladwell's recent paintings, featuring essays by filmmaker Elizabeth Sussex, Rob young, and William Fowler


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