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SexWorld is a luxury resort, advertised as the ultimate sex-themed getaway, where any and every fantasy, no matter how outrageous, can be brought to life. Following the arrival of a fresh bus load of guests, it becomes apparent that the attendees are in store for much more than a simple weekend of debauched and hedonistic pleasures. Each visitor is forced to confront their unique sexual fears, repressed desires, and insecurities, through the help of SexWorld’s completely lifelike but actually animatronic lovers. Some find the happiness they’ve been longing for, while others discover that their seemingly idyllic relationships are a source of unexpected misery…

One of the most ambitious hardcore blockbusters of the late 1970’s and among the crowning achievements of director Sam Weston (under his most common pseudonym, ‘Anthony Spinelli’), SEXWORLD is a haunting and erotic ensemble character study, punctuated with striking visuals and at times abstract set design. Featuring an all-star cast, headlined by Annette Haven, Leslie Bovee, Kay Parker, John Leslie, Joey Silvera, and a career performance from Sharon Thorpe, SEXWORLD remains among the most acclaimed and influential X rated films ever produced. Vinegar Syndrome and Peekarama are proud to bring this landmark work to 4K Ultra HD, our first hardcore feature presented in the format.

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Special Features

Region Free 4k Ultra HD, Blu-ray & CD (3-disc Set)
4k UHD presented in HDR
Featuring an even better 4k restoration from its 35mm original negative
The new restoration is on both the 4k UHD and Blu-ray
Alternate feature-length softcore version of SEXWORLD
“The Birth of a Legend” – a video interview with actress Kay Parker
“The Funny Man” – a video interview with actor Joey Silvera
“A Visual Person” – a video interview with still photographer Joel Sussman
Original theatrical trailer
Original teaser trailer
Bonus soundtrack CD
Reversible cover artwork
English SDH subtitles


4K, Bluray, CD


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