Shoah The Four Sisters (Blu-ray) Eureka Ltd


Paula Biren, Ruth Elias, Ada Lichtman, Hanna Marton: Four Jewish women, witnesses and survivors of the most insane and pitiless barbarism, and who, for that reason alone, but for many others also, deserve to be inscribed forever into the memory of humankind. What they have in common, beside the specific horrors to which each of them were subjected, is a searingly sharp, almost-physical intelligence, which rejects all pretence or faulty reasoning. In a word, idealism.

Filmed by Claude Lanzmann during the preparation of what would become Shoah, each of these four extraordinary women deserved a film in their own right, to fully illustrate their exceptional fibre, and to reveal through their gripping accounts four little-known chapters of the extermination.

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Special Features

All four interviews presented across two discs
Optional English subtitles
A booklet featuring new writing by Stuart Liebman; Claude Lanzmann’s director’s statement; notes from the producer; and biographies on all of the “Four Sisters”