The Demons (Blu-ray)


The UK Premiere of the fully uncut version! Two orphaned sisters living quietly in a convent – free-spirited Kathleen (Anne Libert) and God fearing Margaret (Britt Nichols) – are persecuted by the wicked Lady De Winter (Karin Field) who tells them they are daughters of a condemned witch burned at the stake. Believing the girls will seek vengeance, De Winter sends Kathleen to witch-hunter Judge Jeffries to be tortured and burned. Pious Margaret is spared, but when she learns of her sister’s agony she rejects God and enters a carnal relationship with the Devil himself. As Kathleen falls in love with one of her captors, Margaret stalks the house of De Winter, her Satanic kisses bringing terror and death …

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Special Features

French Version with English Subtitles (118 mins) and Dubbed English Version (88 Mins)
Exorcising Demons: Interview with Steve Thrower
Jess' Demons: Interview with Jess Franco
Out-take Reel
Four theatrical trailers