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The Ghost Lovers (Blu-ray) 88 Films


The Shaw Brothers were on a roll by the time 1974’s THE GHOST LOVERS arrived on the scene. Moreover, the Hong Kong studio responsible for the best in kung-fu and horror, achieved another Chinese-language classic with this sublime mix of romance and supernatural romping from beyond-the-grave. A perfectly potent tale of lost love, life and death and – yes – the supernatural spirit, THE GHOST LOVERS aptly anticipates such later Far Eastern bouts of spooky awesomeness as A CHINESE GHOST STORY. However, many fans would perhaps argue that it is this original model that remains the most macabre and maudlin… even when seen today.

Directed by South Korean genius Shin Sang-Ok, who was kidnapped by North Korea shortly after the release of THE GHOST LOVERS and forced to make films for the regime in Pyongyang (including his legendary GODZILLA take-off PULGASARI) – this bout of Shaw Brothers brilliance demands to be a part of your Asian cinema collection. After all, if it was great enough to impress the Hermit State – and no less than Kim Jong-Il himself – then it deserves to razzle and dazzle a new generation of British fright-fans as well!

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