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The Grave (Blu-ray) Vinegar Syndrome Ltd


King (Craig Sheffer, Night Breed) and Tyn (Josh Charles, Four Brothers) are inmates in a North Carolina prison who overhear the story of “The Grave”, which promises buried treasure to anyone daring enough to embark on its quest. Naturally, the two break out of prison with the intent to dig up the mysterious loot, only to end up in a twisty crime and horror filled saga involving fellow criminals, old flames and a character known only as “The Priest” played by Keith David (They Live).

An idiosyncratic and highly entertaining entry in the post-Tarantino, indie-crime cinema of the mid-90s, Jonas Pate’s (Deceiver, TV’s Outer Banks) clever amalgam of Southern Gothic, hardboiled fiction, dark comedy and Tales from the Crypt-esque horror yarn is utterly unique and elevated by an astonishing supporting cast including Eric Roberts (Runaway Train), Gabrielle Anwar (Body Snatchers), Donal Logue (Blade), Giovanni Ribisi (The Gift) and Anthony Michael Hall (TVs The Dead Zone). Never released on blu-ray, Vinegar Syndrome Archive is proud to present this overlooked genre oddity in a brand new 2K restoration from 35mm vault elements!

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Special Features

Newly scanned & restored in 2k from 35mm vault elements
Commentary track with writer/director Jonas Pate
“Tales From Beyond The Grave” – an interview with writer/director Jonas Pate
“The Bottom Line” – an interview with actor Keith David
“Baptism By Fire” – an interview with cinematographer Frank Prinzi
“All The Way To The Morgue” – an interview with effects artists Jeff Goodwin and Rick Pour
“Ungraving The Score” – an interview with composer Alex Wurman
Double-sided poster
Limited edition of 5,000
Reversible cover artwork
English SDH subtitles




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