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The Knack…and how to get it (Blu-ray+DVD) BFI


From Richard Lester, the director of the Beatles’ A Hard Day’s Night (1964) and Help! (1965) comes this inventive and hilarious romp through love and sex in 1960s London. Featuring a wildly frenetic filmmaking style that careers from slapstick to serious avant-garde, this genuinely dazzling film is a mod masterpiece.

Cool and sophisticated Tolen (Ray Brooks) has a monopoly on womanising- with a long line of conquests to prove it- while the naïve and awkward Colin (Michael Crawford) desperately wants a piece of it. But when Colin falls for an innocent country girl (Rita Tushingham), it’s not long before the self-assured Tolen moves in for the kill. Is all fair in love and war, or can Colin get the knack and beat Tolen at his own game?

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Special Features

Presented in High Definition and Standard Definition
Captain Busby the Even Tenour of Her Ways (1967, 16 mins): Ann Wolff's surreal riff on Philip O'Connor's poem, featuring Quentin Crisp
Now and Then: Dick Lester (1967, 17 mins): Bernard Braden's wide-ranging interview with the director
Rita Tushingham Remembers The Knack…and How to Get It (2018, 11 mins): newly shot interview
Staging The Knack…and How to Get It (2018, 2 mins): interview with the director of the first stage version of The Knack…
British Cinema in the 1960s: Richard Lester in Conversation (2018, 59 mins): the director discusses his career with Neil Sinyard
Illustrated booklet with writing by Neil Sinyard and Melanie Williams, plus full film credits


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