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The Lost Squadron (DVD) Warner Brothers


Forged in the fiery skies of World War I, a squadron of American fliers is connected by unbreakable bonds of loyalty, blood and grief.

Going their separate ways after the war, these debonair daredevils of the air find civilian life somewhat lacking. Jobs, girls and even fortune have all been lost while they served the country. When one of them lands a gig as a stunt flyer in the suddenly booming motion-picture business of Hollywood and Burbank, its one for all and all for one. Now reunited, the lost squadron astounds with its daredevil exploits, only to face a menace more dangerous than the Red Baron: tyrannical director Von Furst (legendary real-life director Erich von Stroheim). When one of their number is killed because of Von Furst, the boys declare war on Hollywood.

This rollicking epics all-star cast includes Richard Dix, Joel McCrea, and Mary Astor, and features amazing scenes of early stunt flying.

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