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The One-Armed Swordsman (Blu-ray) 88 Films


It all begins here!!!! In 1967 the legendary director Chang Cheh (THE BRAVE ARCHER/ BOXER FROM SHANTUNG) established the contemporary wuxia sword-play film. The movie in question, THE ONE-ARMED SWORDSMAN, not only led to several sequels and spin-offs but remains, alongside Bruce Lee’s pivotal THE BIG BOSS (1971) and Jackie Chan’s DRUNKEN MASTER (1978), possibly the most influential martial arts movie ever imagined! Starring the legendary Jimmy Wang (MASTER OF THE FLYING GUILLOTINE) as a seriously wronged one-limbed loner on a path of vengeance – first time viewers of this eternally iconic motion picture will doubtlessly be taken aback by its blindingly beautiful colour palette and some shocking vicious (and gory) fight sequences. Having not aged one day, it is an eternal sin that THE ONE-ARMED SWORDSMAN still misses out on snotty, sniffy critic lists of the ‘best foreign films’ ever produced. See THE ONE-ARMED SWORDSMAN, in glorious HD, and witness the beginning of chopsocky cinema. And 88 Asia is proud to bring this endlessly entertaining classic to UK BluRay!

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Special Features

Both Chinese with English Subtitles and English Soundtracks
Audio Commentary by Bey Logan
Interview with Hong Kong Cinema expert, David West
Reverse Sleeve featuring Original Hong Kong Poster Art




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