The Rita Hayworth Collection 2 (DVD)


The ultimate femme fatale is back in this six DVD Collection Volume Two!

This special edition pack includes six Hollywood feature films spanning the height of Hayworth’s popularity in the 40’s & 50’s–includes:

MISS SADIE THOMPSON: (1953): In the Pacific after the war, a U.S. Marine unit that includes Sgt Phil O’Hara (Aldo Ray) is awaiting discharge when missionary Alfred Davidson (Jose Ferrer), physician Dr Robert McPhail (Russell Collins) and singer Sadie Thompson (Rita Hayworth) arrive at the base. The soldiers are delighted by the spirited, friendly Sadie and Phil falls in love with her. Davidson, however, unearths a secret in Sadie’s past and, blocking her attempt to leave the island, demands that she repent.

AFFAIR IN TRINIDAD: (1952): When nightclub performer Chris Emery (Rita Hayworth) discovers that her husband has been murdered, she resolves to help the police find his killer. Soon she is caught between two men–her late husband’s friend Max Fabian (Alexander Scourby) and her brother-in-law, Steve (Glenn Ford), who begins his own investigation into his sibling’s death. As evidence begins to point to Max as the killer, Chris finds herself in an increasingly dangerous situation.

TONIGHT AND EVERY NIGHT: (1945): London is being ravaged by the Blitz, but the performers at the Music Box Theatre refuse to shut down and never miss a performance. While performing at the club one night, singer Rosalind Bruce (Rita Hayworth) meets RAF pilot Paul Lundy (Lee Bowman) and, while Paul is smitten by Rosalind, she is less willing to get involved. Eventually she succumbs to his charms and the two fall in love, but the stress of loving a fighter pilot during the war may be too much for Rosalind to handle.

YOU WERE NEVER LOVELIER: (1942): Bob Davis (Fred Astaire), an American dancer in Buenos Aires, Argentina, finds himself desperate for work after losing all his money. He takes a gig at a wedding, hoping to impress the bride’s father, Eduardo Acuna (Adolphe Menjou), a local club owner who has decreed that his daughters must marry in order of age. Eduardo eventually agrees to allow Bob to perform at his club, but only under the condition that he play suitor to his second-oldest daughter, the beautiful Maria (Rita Hayworth).

YOU’LL NEVER GET RICH: (1941): Martin Cortland (Robert Benchley), a philandering Broadway producer, is caught by his wife buying a gift for a chorus dancer, Sheila Winthrop (Rita Hayworth). To save his marriage, Martin insists that dancer Bob Curtis (Fred Astaire) bought the gift and sets the two up on date. Soon after, Bob is drafted into World War II and sent to boot camp. When Sheila travels to the camp to perform for the troops and visit her real boyfriend, Tom (John Hubbard), she and Bob fall in love.

MUSIC IN MY HEART: (1940): Deported from New York City when his visa expires, British actor Robert Gregory (Tony Martin) gets into a taxi accident while rushing to board his ship. He instantly falls in love with the passenger in the other cab, Pat O’Malley (Rita Hayworth), whose wealthy fiance, Charles Gardner (Alan Mowbray) and his faithful manservant, Griggs (Eric Blore), are waiting aboard Robert’s ship. Dodging both the vengeful Griggs and the authorities, the couple scramble to clear a path to be together.

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